Our program is under transition and we are not currently accepting applications.  Please email if you would like to be notified when our program reopens to receive applications.

How to Apply

The MA program in Bioethics admits students for matriculation in fall semester only. Applications begin to be accepted the first day of fall semester. Our primary deadline is March 1. If space in our program remains, we will offer an extended deadline of May 1.
Because our program recommends pairing the Bioethics degree with another graduate or professional degree, we recognize applicants may need to answer to another program prior to our deadline. If this is the case, please email with your concern.


Students must apply online using the Admissions (application) Instructions. All materials are submitted electronically.

Application fee

The Graduate School requires that you pay an application fee before it will process your application.


Unofficial transcripts or academic records from ALL institutions should be uploaded directly to the online application.  Once admitted, the University will request official copies of this material.

International students should also upload an English translation if the transcript is not in English.

Important information about uploading your transcripts and credentials

STATEMENTS - REQUIRED: you must upload a personal statement in the "Statements" section of the application.

  • Describe your interest in and your understanding of bioethics.
  • State your goals for your graduate education.
  • Describe how your background relates to your objectives.
  • Explain why you are interested in pursuing these goals at the University of Minnesota

OPTIONAL: You may also submit a statement on "Extenuating Circumstances" and "Diversity". You will find explanations of these statements on the Apply Yourself website.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION - Submit the following in the section, "Graduate Program Supplementary Information":

  • Writing sample, preferably on a topic in bioethics
  • Description of your research or relevant work experience
  • Resume or CV

APPLICATION FOR FUNDING: If you wish to apply for a graduate research or teaching assistantship, please fill out this form; then upload it to "Graduate Program Additional Application" - the first upload button in "Graduate Program Supplementary Information".

RECOMMENDATIONS - Provide information for at least three individuals who will supply letters of reference for you using the "Recommendations" link. Letter writers should be individuals who can assess your potential for graduate work in bioethics. The Graduate School will contact these individuals and ask them to submit their letters of reference online. NOTE: Letters of reference must be submitted online using this process. Please notify your references that paper copies of letters to the Graduate School or the Center for Bioethics will not be accepted.

STANDARDIZED TEST SCORES - Make arrangements to have official GRE scores sent to the Graduate School. Our program will accept LSAT or MCAT scores in lieu of GRE scores. Note: We do not require scores within a certain parameter for the MCAT or LSAT; your scores will be reviewed in a holistic manner with all components of your application being taken into consideration. MCAT or LSAT scores may be uploaded in place of GRE scores in the Program Supplementary Information section, “Upload 1.”  

Standardized test scores will not be required from applicants who have completed a doctoral-level degree at a US institution of higher learning. Applicants without such a degree but with significant professional experience (e.g. experienced RNs) may petition to have the standardized test requirement waived. This may be uploaded to your application under Program Supplemental Information section, "Upload 2." The petition will be reviewed alongside the applicant's full application.  

TOEFL - Applicants for whom English is a second language should supply TOEFL scores. The Center for Bioethics may also require an interview to verify English fluency for applicants for whom English is a second language.

PROCESS FOR REVIEW OF APPLICATIONS - Once your online application is completed, the Graduate School will review it; the Bioethics Admissions Committee will then have access to it. Offers of admission will be extended on a rolling basis.

PLEASE NOTE - Given the interdisciplinary nature of bioethics, prospective students are advised against viewing the Bioethics MA as a stand alone degree that prepares them for career placement. Instead, students are encouraged to link their degree in bioethics to a degree in another field. This model prompts students to acquire a firm disciplinary grounding as well as interdisciplinary bioethics expertise -- a practice which best prepares students for bioethics-related career placement. The admissions process will give preference to students who have already earned or are in the process of earning an advanced degree in a related field, although this will not strictly be required for admission.