Funding Opportunities

Funding opportunity photo from UM image libraryThe Center for Bioethics has a limited number of teaching assistantships and research assistantships available for support of our students. To apply, please submit the application for Graduate Assistantship form with your application for admission.

Graduate Assistantship Form

Upload the form to "Graduate Program Additional Application", which is the first upload button in the section of the Graduate School application called "Graduate Program Supplementary Information".

The Graduate School offers information on additional graduate assistantship opportunities as well as fellowships. According to Graduate School policy, Bioethics MA students are not eligible for Graduate School Fellowships, but may be eligible for other Graduate School awards such as endowed fellowships, thesis research grant support, etc. Please see the Graduate School's webpage on funding your graduate studies for details.

The Office of Human Resources provides a Job Center for students interested in finding employment opportunities at the University that extend beyond graduate assistantships. For more information, please see their website.

See One Stop for information about receiving financial aid.