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Center for Bioethics MA Student Orientation 2015Our Fall 2016 ethics courses offer exciting, interdisciplinary opportunities to engage on a variety of topics, including:

  • Social Justice
  • Global Health
  • Standards for Research with Human Participants
  • Investigative Journalism

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Announcing Fall 2016 Courses

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Graduate Programs

The Center for Bioethics offers three programs to suit the aspirations of graduate and professional students as well as working professionals.

Academic advisors from the Center are available to help determine the program that is right for you.
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Announcing two new courses for Spring 2017!

BTHX 5000 Ethics of New Technologies in Healthcare Delivery (2 cr)
Hans DeRuiter, PhD

This course is intended for students who work with healthcare technologies to deliver patient care. This includes technology, healthcare administration, medical, nursing and other healthcare related professions. It will introduce students to the main philosophies and ethics of technology; specifically healthcare technology, and will focus on three areas. 

  1. Key texts that pertain to the philosophy and ethics of technology.
  2. Ethical issues related to these technologies.
  3. Research methods that can identify emerging issues that can result from the implementation of new healthcare delivery technologies.

BTHX 5000 Hot Topics in Bioethics in the Media  (2 cr)
Steven Miles, MD

This course will track current stories that are in the media. The syllabus will be created on the fly with the topic and readings being announced one week in advance.  The readings will consist of media coverage, expert first source material and a background bioethics paper.

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