Nicole Reynolds, MA

May Graduation

The Center for Bioethics is pleased to announce that Nicole Reynolds has graduated with a Masters of Arts (MA) in Bioethics. Commencement speech. Congratulations Nicole!

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Honoring Steven Miles, MD

The Center for Bioethics, along with colleagues, mentees,​ students, ​ family,​  friends and staff, ​gathered to ​celebrate Dr. Steven Miles’ ​40+ year ​career ​as a physician and bioethicist ​as he embarks upon retirement ​in June 2017.​

Dr. Miles​ leaves an extensive and impressive​ career in ​medicine and ​bioethics at the University of Minnesota. Informed by his personal imperative of taking bioethics beyond academia, Dr. Miles delved into a vast number of topics, all focused on improving conditions for the greater good of humanity including issues that intersect with human rights, public policy, public health, and education. 

Below you will find pictures from the celebration as well as Dr. Miles’ parting words
Steven Miles Retirement Reception April 27, 2017 

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Jon Merz, MBA, JD, PhD
Thursday, June 29, 2017 -
12:15pm to 1:30pm

The Gender Policy Report

Gender and the First 100 Days of Health Policy

Gender and the First 100 Days of Health Policy

A project of the Center on Women, Gender, and Public Policy.  The Gender Policy Report is a non-partisan, multidisciplinary effort to produce and disseminate timely, gender-focused analyses of emerging federal policy proposals based on the best insights from scholarship and research.