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Graduate Programs

The Center for Bioethics offers three programs to suit the aspirations of graduate and professional students as well as working professionals

Academic advisors from the Center are available to help determine the program that is right for you.
Contact bthxed@umn.edu to ask questions or to make an appointment.

MN Climate Forum

On April 27th, the Center for Bioethics held the MN Climate Forum. This all-day event brought industry leaders to the public for peer-to-peer sharing of actions and thoughts on mitigating and adapting to climate change. Panelists from the private and public sector offered insights in how their industry can help reduce the effects of climate change and create a better future for tomorrow.

Thank you to all of the panelists and participants who made this event so meaningful. In addition, thank you to Institute on the Environment — University of MinnesotaHumphrey School of Public Affairs, and Health Professionals for a Healthy Climate on helping make this event possible.



Congratulations to our faculty member Carl Elliott, MD, PhD for his Public Scholar award by the ... Read more...

The Gender Policy Report

Gender and the First 100 Days of Health Policy

Gender and the First 100 Days of Health Policy

A project of the Center on Women, Gender, and Public Policy.  The Gender Policy Report is a non-partisan, multidisciplinary effort to produce and disseminate timely, gender-focused analyses of emerging federal policy proposals based on the best insights from scholarship and research.