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The Center for Bioethics recruits bright, talented, diverse individuals who are committed to working on bioethical issues within their chosen field of study or profession. We offer three engaging programs—a Master of Arts degree program, a certificate in Clinical Ethics, and a Graduate Minor—to suit the aspirations of graduate and professional students as well as working professionals. Our faculty bioethicists are dedicated, experienced mentors who play active roles in our students’ academic and professional pursuits.

Master of Arts Program in Bioethics

Our Master of Arts degree is for individuals who want to enhance their terminal graduate or professional degree in another field, either before entering the MA program, at the same time with a joint degree in bioethics and a related field, or with a clear plan to pair it with a future graduate of professional degree. Applications accepted the first day of fall semester through June 1.

Clinical Ethics Certificate Program

Our Clinical Ethics Post-baccalaureate Certificate is for practicing professionals who want to master the knowledge and skills needed for work in clinical ethics. The curriculum fulfills the health care ethics core competencies promulgated by the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities (ASBH). Applications are accepted the first day of fall semester through June 1.

Graduate Minor in Bioethics

The Graduate Minor in Bioethics is designed for University of Minnesota students interested in deepening their knowledge of the ethical issues surrounding health and the life sciences. There is no specific deadline for applying.

Bioethics Courses  

The Center for Bioethics' innovative educational programs prepare students, health care professionals, and the public to confront difficult ethical issues as they emerge. 

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Joint Degree Program in Law and Bioethics 

The interdisciplinary joint degree program in Law and Bioethics offers students the opportunity to specialize their knowledge and earn a JD and an MA in Bioethics consecutively. Students in the Joint Degree Program combine their law and bioethics curricula by cross-counting up to 11 law credits in the Bioethics program and up to 12 non-law credits in their Law School program. Please see the JD/MA in Bioethics web page for more information and application instructions.

Alumni Spotlight

 Rich Weinmeyer, MA alumni student


RICK WEINMEYER came to the Center for Bioethics as a graduate student seeking education that would enable him to contribute to health law in significant ways. To do this, Rick embarked upon the Center’s Joint Degree program, earning a JD degree in Health Law and Bioethics from the University of Minnesota in 2013 and a Master of Arts in Bioethics in 2015.

Rick is a Senior Research Associate at the American Medical Association in Chicago, Illinois where he works as a legal and bioethics researcher for the AMA’s Ethics Group. He serves on, advises, and provides research support to the AMA’s Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs (CEJA) in both its policy-making and judicial function capacities. He is responsible for creating initial draft reports for CEJA on topics at the intersection of medical ethics and health law, and also contributes editorial and content assistance to the AMA’s journal on medical ethics.

Rick’s research interests are in the areas of public health law, public health and medical research regulation, and bioethics.